Thank You for Doing the Mouse Click

October 2, 2008


Good Morning my friend,


It’s a beautiful day here.  The skies are blue and the clouds a fluffy white.  Don’t you just love it when God sents his love notes?


I want to apologize. Yesterday I told you the exciting news about my new book that just came out.  I failed, however, to put a link in.  I have had many of you write and ask for it so here it is:  We will work on getting a margin with an order button on the side soon.


THANK YOU GOES TO ALL WHO ARE CONNECTING AND ORDERING!  WE ARE NUMBER#1 UNDER “Patricia Potts” today (There are actually several of us!)   If you could also take another minute and check off key words like: “Depression, Discouragement, Bi-polar, Christian” at the bottom of the order page.  That would help a lot so we can “reach out and touch others.” J