Women Incarcerated

  • ”The presentation was great and very informative as well as a lot of fun.  Both women are strong and inspiring.  Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and help us!”
  • ”Sharing your life stories helped me relate to my problems.  You made mental illness  positive.”
  • ”I really enjoyed the ladies and information given.  It made me want more for myself and my life.”
  • ”Thank you both for your stories and bravery to show us how you can overcome and make things fun.  You showed us how life is inspiring for anyone.”
  • ”Awesome presentation!    Thank you for the hope you shared and the smiles you put on our faces.”
  • ”It touched me when abuse was brought up.  Showed the stages of healing and that it is possible to heal.  Really inspired  me.”
  • ”I think this stuff is very important to be discussed .  I wish I would have known about you years ago.”