Recipe for Analyzing Dreams


Recipe for Analyzing Dreams

Have you ever woken up with strong feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling fear, guilt or anger because of a dream?

I have.

Through the years I have developed a recipe for analyzing dreams based on research and my own personal experiences.  I hope this helps you as much as it does me:

recipes-childDream Recipe

Pray and ask for wisdom to understand what your dream means to you then write down:

1. A list of the emotions generated through your dream (fearful, guilty, excited, angry etc.)
2. A list of people who where in the dream (Yourself, family members, stranger descriptions etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3. A list of prominate things or places in your dream (garage, street, at work etc.)

Now you are ready to analyze what it has to do with your life.  Ask yourself:

1. Where in real life are you feeling those feelings?
2. Are you experiencing those feelings with the people in your dream?
3. Do you have negative/excited feelings about the things/places you saw in your dream?     

    You may be surprised at how much insight you can gather as you prayerfull write your answers down.      

The first dream I analyzed had a real impact on my life.  I was caught in a window well with a spider headed straight for me.  Here is how I analyzed it:

Feelings: fear, panic

People: Me, the spider

Places/Things: window well, window


Feelings: I was feeling overwhelmed and fearful about my schedule.  I was stretched to the max as a young mother, a daycare provider and a wife.

People: As I prayed and pondered about it I felt that the spider represented the demands in my life: my own demands, my husbands expectations, my children, the daycare children, church responsibilities etc.

Places/things: I began realizing that the window well was one I could see from the basement when I was doing daycare activities.  It represented being stuck in a rock and a hard place and being unable to escape to freedom.

When I got to this point I could see that something had to change.  I began examining my committments and letting goe of some of my expectations about keeping house, about the number of children I took in my daycare and I talked to Dan about his actual expectations. 

Within a few weeks I made these changes and I was able to reduce my stress and my feeling that I was caught between a window well and it’s window. 

Over the years I have used this formula and included my dreams in my journal.  I have found that the Lord communicates with us in many ways and sometimes it’s in our dreams.  I hope you enjoy trying out this new recipe and I hope it brings you sweet results!

7 thoughts on “Recipe for Analyzing Dreams

  1. My comment sounded so stilted – not my intention at all! I’m going to sit down today and try it on some of my recurring dreams.

    Thanks again,

    1. Susan,
      Thanks for making the time to reply. Let me know how you like the recipe. Guess what? We are headed to the Carribbean in a few weeks!! Cool huh?

    2. Hi Susan,
      Sorry it has taken so long to respond to the dream blog. I am still trying to figure out how to get to the comments etc.
      Did it work for you? I am helping my 7 year old grandaughter with her dreams and her real life experiences now. I am so grateful that I can do something to help.
      🙂 Patricia

  2. Wow! I ReaLLy LiKe That Dream Recipe. I will HaVe to TrY it! I HaVe HaD some really UnSettling DreaMs BeFore. It is AlWaYs hard to KnOw WhAt I am SuPPoSed to LeaRn from them. ThaNks So MuCh FoR ShaRiNg your InSighT! Oh, and I FiNiSheD ReaDing “My Journey From Darkness To Light” and I LoVeD It! You HaVe ReaLLy CoMe So FaR! I LoVeD LeaRniNg MoRe about YoU! There were So MaNy Things I WaS able to GleaN from it for use in My OwN LiFe! ThaNk you For Writing it and FoR ShaRiNg YoUr StoRy. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Sharane. Let me know how the recipe turns out! Thanks for your kind comments on my book also. Love, Patricia

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