Overwhelmed? Try Climbing Rocky Ridges With Weights On!

Do you want to go fishing with me?” Dan asked “it’s a mile hike to Wall lake and it’s beautiful!”


“Sure” I responded imagining myself typing on my laptop while Dan fished.


When we arrived at the parking lot for Wall Lake I pulled out my purse, my coat, a chair and my laptop computer tucked into my new yellow bag. One by one I hung straps over my head till I looked like a yellow Christmas Tree. “Ready!” I announced as our dog Divi danced around our feet.


Dan took one look at me and said “You’re not really going to carry a chair and take your lap top are you?  You’ll regret it if you do. They are too heavy and awquard.”


“I can do it” I replied thinking that walking 1 mile was not going to be that hard.  What Dan didn’t tell me is that the hike was actually 1.4 miles and included crossing a creek, climbing up rocks and forging over old river beds.


By the time I staggered onto the bank where Dan was serenely fishing I was ready to strangle him then head back home!  Although the lake was like a mirror, the sun was just the right warmth and the sound of silence (broken only by Dan’s fishing bob plopping into the water) it still took me a while to enjoy it all.


What did I learn from my experience?


I learned to ask my husband to come clean and tell me correct distance and conditions of the hike BEFORE I embarked on the activity and BEFORE I carried my 10 lb. laptop up the mountain!


In addition to this, the analogy that settled in my mind was:

“Don’t climb life’s rocky trails trying to carry the weight of the past with you.” – Patricia Potts Family


I suppose to be a perfect analogy I would tell you that I left my laptop and chair near the lake. I didn’t,  but I did give myself plenty of time to get back down!

One thought on “Overwhelmed? Try Climbing Rocky Ridges With Weights On!

  1. Hurray for you! That must have been crazy hard toi lug all that stuff with you! Great analogy too!
    auh, there is always more to learn no matter how much we have already experienced!

    -Sharane 🙂

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