Fear, Bipolar: Thank God for Sunrises

Hello my friend,

This morning I am tired.  I got up with a headache at 3:45 and finally gave up trying to sleep at 4:30 a.m.  I plan to catch a nap sometime today to make up for my loss of sleep. 

Sometimes when things like this happen I feel afraid.  Afraid of what happened in the past when I got manic and afraid of what might happen in the future if bipolar problems surface again! 

At times like this I pray.  I can choose to trust and to use the tools and ideas he has already given me so that I can stay “sane.”  I am using will use tools like personal peace papers, prayer, medication, meditation, melatonin to get more sleep, listening to a recording about feeling overwhelmed and other ideas I’ve learned in the past.  I am thankful for the blessings of a supportive husband, family and friends and an assurance that there are even angels who wait to help me as I reach heavenward.

At times like this I am also thankful for the sun that will soon begin lighting the day with the promise of God’s unfailing help. 

Thank you, Father, for sunrises.

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