Tips on Dealing with Mental Illness by Those Who Know


Kerri and Patricia have experienced depression and recovery first hand. From depression and Bipolar illness to Schizophrenia and more they have “been there done that”. They now find joy in helping others like you.


  1. Brooke Haslam says:

    Wonderful video. I plan on utilizing the services you have mentioned. :) I have been on medication for 10 years. It’s probably been about 6 years…for the medicine I am currently taking. But. Sometimes…It doesn’t help, if I am going through a particularly rough time. BTW…I found this link through Heidi. :) I went to school with her. Such a sweet girl!!

  2. Jodi Marie Robinson says:

    Kerri and Patricia, what a wonderful message you share. You do it with such candor, humor, and light-heartedness the “hard” topics don’t seem so hard at all! So glad our paths have crossed at House of Hope and now the sober living homes operated by MentorWorks, in Riverton. Your doing a great thing! Bless you!

    With love and friendship,


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